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Contract Packaging Division

Providing solutions to your contract packaging needs

†††††††† Since 1888, DYO Chemical has been providing superior products and services to Dallas/Ft. Worth and the world.† Branded products under the DYO label include dyes, leather care products, and numerous chemicals used in the manufacture of leather goods.

††††††† Contract Packaging and filling services are provided for a wide variety of companies and chemical products.† From simple filling, to developing new products and creating new packaging design, DYO Chemical can do it all.

Why use DYO?

  • LOCATION. From Dallas Texas, DYO can save you shipping times and costs to your customers across the country.

  • FACILITIES. You donít have the available equipment or expertise for a particular job. You are not equipped for flammable or hazardous chemicals.

  • TIME. Your production lines are overloaded. Lack of line time.

  • SERVICE. Short runs. Fast Turnaround for emergency runs

  • RE-TOOLING. New products, sample sizes or seasonal products that would require Re-tooling of your production lines and loss of valuable production time.

  • SHIPPING. Drop or direct shipping. HAZMAT shipping. Tracking services.

  • PACKAGING. You require types of packaging that are not familiar or easily available to you.

  • VALUE. DYO can reduce your costs and increase your profits !

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